Friday, 22 February 2013


Well hello again! :D

I can't post as frequent as I liked since I'm still on loads of tryouts and preps for national exams. Soo I'll just post whenever I can then (meaning sneaking around when the 'rents are sleeping).
Okay, so what I'm feeling right now is...
since my topic for English presentation is my idols (which you can see their derp faces above) and I'm literally screaming here! XD well it's no surprise since I'm a hardcore fangirl and I'm most hardcore on these lads above. And I'm doing it ALL THE WAY. When it comes to my boys, I will do it aaaaallll theeee waaaaay. Nuff said ;)
Now... I don't really know what to write actually...
So, may I just fangirl about the fact that I met The Wanted also got hugged by Jay and Max?
And how come I picked the exact GIF where there's BOTH OF THEM?! And also... this is taken from the making of HEART VACANCY video in Croasia omg, my fave ballad from them O.O yes, I still couldn't believe it; though reality has set in that I'm turning 15 at the end of April...

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