Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tiring Days

This would be me right now...
The stress level has gone overdrive because the loads of tests and exams coming up. Let's add the fact that I can't really move my body right now after PE today. Nuff said?

But I had fun after school today. Hung out at Dunkin' Donuts with Nydia and Tika and we became our idiot selves, of course! ;)
I should probably go to sleep right now, 11 PM here already but I'm used to sleeping late. The problem is I'd probably limp tomorrow since my legs and arms needs time to heal after today. Soo... I'm ending this post here. Happy #WantedWednesday guys :D (that's a fangirl term, by the way).
PS: Sooooo sorry I didn't get to finish my post before this one! Had to go since mom...(should I explain it?) Yeah you get what I mean

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