Thursday, 21 March 2013

Enough is ENOUGH

Finished exams! Hurrah! 😆 But I still need to wait until the 25th of April to be really free from studying, so yeah... But I don't care, no more History and blaah; only sad there's no more PE though. 👎

Okay I'll go back to fangirling again... I tweeted a Twitter acc I followed this morning (in the AMs, to be exact) and I just scrolled my interactions a few minutes ago, to find that THEY FUCKING FAVORITED MY TWEET TO THEM AND OH LORD THE FEELS!!!! 😂 😭 😘 😍

Oh and have I told you about the fact that Matt tweeted me four times then the next day Connor tweeted me once? ☺ 😂 good memories couldn't be forgotten that fast mates.

And Paramore concert in 2011! 😄 That shit is just awesome and I got the tickets in Festival A (which literally means near the stage)! I screamed my voice off and I'm silent the next day coz I lost my voice. Nuff said 😉

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