Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pre-Easter hols

Hello guys! :D I'm back again, since it's Easter holidays until Monday for me. I just finished exams and another exams, that means there's only four lessons left to study (English, home language, maths and science). I'm sick of these lessons already but hey, what can I so about it?

Okay my recent happiness source is... May I just scream and shout? Wait, I did that already hehe ;) well, how couldn't I? Your favorite artist mentioned your country in a tweet and you expect me to be all calm? No, that's not how a fangirl react...

Then I got my lucky week. 3 mentions and 8 favorites (I think) in 6 days from 2 different accounts that I follow. I am so, so and totally dead them gone up to fangirl heaven.

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