Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Well......... It's been ages since I last posted in here. Sometime in July, I think? idk but who cares? hahaha. So life happened (duh) and more fangirling ensued since I practically have a blast time in my fangirl world.

One, All Time Low concert. I'M JUST GOING TO GO AND FANGIRL OVER THE CONCERT MEMORIES, THANK YOU. I still can't believe that I've watched that fuckers live and omfg, they're sooooo perfect live. I'm actually at loss for words on how to describe how amazing 23rd of August was. I was pinching myself throughout the ride home, still in disbelief ofc! But they wouldn't be ATL without some shots on stage and of course, something sex related. And no, I didn't mind it one bit at all 'cause well, I love them for who they are. And when it's Remembering Sunday/Therapy, I pretty much had tears in my eyes because all the Hustlers (fanbase) knows that that's the ultimate song to cry at.

Two, a tweet from TW. This was pretty new actually, happened on the 26th of November (aka second day of exams). Here's the evidence, if none of you ungrateful bastards doesn't believe it...

Believe me now? Okay, good. The process of me realizing that I got a tweet was: scroll down my timeline to see a tweet by TW, reads the tweet, realizes that there's my username in it, opened my mentions, reads the tweet hundred times, blinks thousand times, scream as loud as I can, cry happily. Then my interactions exploded with the huge amount of favorites and RTs. Not that I mind, though I wonder... Is this what happens every single time you get a tweet? Okaaaaaay then...

You little shits should click on one of this links and enjoy the perfection that this the selection of videos above because this is music in its' perfection. Nuff said...

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