Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Weighing of Life

Happy New Year! I know it's late but hey, who cares? Haha...

So TONS happened last year (obviously) and the amount of fangirling I've done hasn't gone down a bit. In fact, it got worse than I could even imagine to happen. The amount of fangirling increased because:

1. Nicholas Caradoc Hoult

Excuse me, but I have certainly died and gone to heaven because... HE IS JUST SO FUCKING HOT AND SWEET OMFG. Let's add the fact that he has a six pack, British and dating Jennifer Lawrence. And one hell of pair the bluest eyes I've ever see in my "entire fucking life" (in the accent of Alex Gaskarth).

2. Anton Zaslavski

Or... People might recognize him as Zedd, one of the most awesome EDM artist I know. For those of you who don't know what EDM stands for, it's "electronic dance music". Let's add that he's extremely sweet, cute and handsome at the same time, HAZEL eyes (I died fangirlish-ly) and he plays the piano. if you hear a thud then it might be my coffin in the fangirl heaven being nailed shut hehe.

The first picture is him with Skrillex and I forgot who, but both are extremely famous and the second one is with Joel (deadmau5). I can't cope with the pictures of awesome-as-fuck EDM artists in one picture omfg, I may start fanning myself in mere seconds.

Oh and his iTunes session EP is so damn GREAT! His piano playing oh Lord, do you want me to die because it's so perfect c: mamma mia! And let's not forget Joel's coffee run with Zedd...

Coffee Run! ft. Zedd

Moving on to another topic... Let's move on to the Golden Globes shall we? We shall...

THE JOULT KISS OMFG I'M FANGIRLING ASDFGHJKL thank Perez for making a GIF for it :*

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