Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Apple (not) of The Eye


And yes, if you knew the lyrics to the song '12 Days of Christmas' then you would probably know this. Speaking of, y'all probably wondering why am I singing christmas songs in February. For one, I'm listening to the Full Frontal Christmas special as I'm studying for a Civics test tomm. I'll end up with reciting the 'A Letter to Santa' mad-lib and end up in pieces because the amount of sexual innuendo there is just unbelievable!

Hell, I really don't know what to write... Usually my head is full of ideas but these days... NO! I just absolutely and totally hate it.

Find You (Live) <--- a MUST WATCH

I. Need. The. Divergent. Movie. Right. Now.

THE LATEST TRAILER FGS I can't even! All the Fourtris moments oh my fangirl heart :') it's fine, just slaughter my feels some more (sense the sarcasm?) Oh and the link above is one of the soundtracks :D I can't tell you how happy am I when I found out that motherfucking Zedd (in the words of deadmau5) will be a part of the soundtrack! Fuck yes :D I more or less fell from my chair and ran around the house like a madman.

THE LIFE OF A FANGIRL EVERYBODY *applauses and catcalls*

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