Monday, 23 March 2015

Far, Far Away

When all you've done is cry your eyes out, making them swollen after you cried.

When all you've done is wonder why does everything bad happens to you all the time.

When all you've done is think about the reasons why you shouldn't even exist in this world.

I know exactly how that feels like. Spending my night and days just letting the tears slide down my cheeks, my heart breaking with absolute sadness, my body wrecking with sobs as I let all my sadness out.

I want to tell you that everything would be better tomorrow. but I've been a lot of tomorrows and nothing has changed.

Do you ever just sit in a corner, stare into the distance and suddenly just start crying? Do you know how it feels to be the epitome of mistakes? Do you know how it feels like when you let the world crash down on your shoulders?

Sometimes you feel like hiding, sometimes you feel like running away, sometimes you feel like killing yourself, sometimes you feel like dying.

Trust me, I know how you feel like. Because I've been through the same things. Life suck, especially if you're a middle child with an older twin and younger sibling; all girls.

All I can say is... find something that keeps you holding on.

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