Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Unforeseeable Future

Bonsoir! (at least in my area)

Yes, yes I know. I haven't posted in ages, you can blame school and helluva load of exams for that. C'est la vie.

Speaking of futures, I still can't believe I would be graduating high school this year (AMEN TO THAT) and then it's the university/college life. I feel so old, ha. No undoing what has been done, unless we're on our phones or PCs where undoing is one of the best thing ever created.

Funny thing, when one of my choices is where everyone in the country wants to go but it isn't my top choice. Since I'm still married to music (and books), my choice is music then literature. Follow your heart, they say and follow my heart, I do. Can't be changed, really.

But since I'm trying for the test free thingy, I need to be more serious in picking the university. *sigh* The hard life of having a twin who wants to go to med school. Expenses, more expenses, and more expenses.

Can't complain though, I'm just gonna enjoy the ride and see where I end up next. I'm sure it would be the best, though I'm not really convinced. Haha

That's all from me this time, gotta skeedaddle. Ciao!

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