Thursday, 3 March 2016


To people, I'm just another slave that they can order around anyway they wanted.

To people, I'm just another doll that they can toy around and fuck with anytime they wanted.

To people, I'm just another emotionless person that they can emotionally abuse freely.

To people, anything I do is a mistake and I have to play by their rules so I could get what they thought I earned, which is not much.

To people, I'm not allowed to feel anything and just take on what they gave to me, regardless of what I might feel inside.

I'm just someone to be manipulated whenever they please and wherever they want.

I didn't deserve a life, yet it was given to me. And now I have to live it, ending it would put other people in some much trouble because they depend on the labor work I do for them.

Who am I? I am nothing but a toy.

To top it off, I am all alone in this world.

In umbra manus.

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