Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Future

Right, so in 6 days (more or less) I'm going to be a senior high student. Believe me when I say that reality STILL haven't sunk into my head right now. So now (meaning tonight) I'm hunting for uni that I want to go to in 3 years (CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?!) and well, see if mom approves. Fund one in the States already, but none for Europe. Seems like I need to look again huh?

Yeah, just saying that I'm still ticketless for ATL's concert. Sad, innit? There's a big chance that the tickets for Red Zone (the area nearest to the stage) would be sold out by now, so here am I, freaking out major and asking mom at every possible moment to buy me the tickets. In which, she responded with either a nod or silence. Luck is totally not with me right now.

On a lighter note, I got my birthday present already :D a Simple Plan wristband from my bestie in Slovak (ahem Sparks). Actually, both of my wristbands is from her; cheers Kajka! :D and I'm fangirling over The Mortal Instruments series. I mean, HOW CAN YOU NOT?! First, it's a supernatural related series. Second, they're talking about the Angel stuff (like Michael, etc.). And Idk what to put for the third reason because I JUST LOVE IT SOME MUCH!

So I'll give a list about what am I waiting for this year and next year:
1. August: ATL & ARRTM concert
2. September: 1 year anniversary meeting TW, new TW album
3. October: Allegiant release (final book of the Divergent trilogy)
4. November: Catching Fire movie premiere
5. March 2014: Divergent movie and City of Heavenly Fire (final book of The Mortal Instruments)
6. Sometime in 2014: TW world tour

And do you understand how broke I will be? I'd probably look into my wallet one day and cry, because it's empty and I have so many things I want to buy... If only money could grow in trees, I'd be a happy bunny.

Okay continuing the first topic I wrote here, the uni I found in the States is Curtis Institute of Music. Before continuing, I'll just say that I want to major in something related to literature or music; since that's the two things I love most. Right, CIM is in Philadelphia (or I'd usually say, Philly) and it's tuition-fee. Idk for sure, that's the description I read in their official website. So since I only found one (oh the horror), I'd have to look for more colleges. Wish me luck then!

A picture of my wristbands btw :3

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