Thursday, 8 October 2015


It's been three years since we fell apart. I have moved to New York City for a clean slate. Walking through the crowd heading towards my apartment building, I held my phone close to my ear as I keep listening to my best friend, Sava, rant about her boss.

"Girl, chill. You love the job, you love the new clothes you can get your hands on early. I think that's a plus side. Except for your boss, of course." I rolled my eyes as I said this, taking a left and head towards my favorite coffee shop I found when I was wandering around the city.

"Sure yeah, but still! She's a pain in my ass!" She whined and I chuckled as I get in line to get my daily dose of caffeine. And by daily, I mean approximately 2 cups of good coffee everyday. Sue me, I'm an addict.

"This would be the umpteenth time you said that." I pointed out amused and made my way to the queue of people not so patiently waiting for their turn to order.

"Favorite line of the year!" She exclaimed proudly and I can't help but laugh at her antics.

"Hey do you want some coffee? I'm at the shop now." I asked as I got closer to the barista.

"Macchiato double shot, and caramel. Lots of caramel."

One thing about her, she loves double shot in her coffee and hella amount of caramel in basically anything that can be accompanied by caramel.

"Yes ma'am." I mocked salute and finally faced the cashier, ordering coffee for both of us before I head to our apartment. I've been living with her for around two and half years, before that I lived alone in the same apartment.

"That would be $20, please." I heard as I wrapped up the call, fetching my wallet to pay and waited for the coffee to be served. As I waited, I get this feeling that I'm being watched so I looked around the store to see if anyone is looking at me but I didn't find anybody doing it so I went back to waiting coffee. I plugged into my i-Pod then grabbed the coffee when I hear my name being called by the barista, taking a brief stop to grab some brown sugar for me to add on my coffee, then hurried out of the store so I could shake the feeling of being watched away. I crossed the road and greeted the doorman as I walked to the elevator.

"Coffee's here!" I said as I closed the door to our apartment behind my back, hearing rapid footsteps through the apartment as Sava emerged and snagged her macchiato like her life depended on it. It probably does, she can't survive without coffee.

"Thank you!" She cried out repeatedly as she hugged me and took a sip of her coffee, making me tut at her disapprovingly.

"You do realize that it's still piping hot, right?" I asked as I opened my coat and hanged it in the coat hanger we have near the door, peeling of my socks and sitting down on the couch while nursing my own drink.

"Hot coffee is the best in New York weather." She replied as she sat down next to me, turning on the TV.

We both watched the news, flicking on to another channel before settling with America's Next Top Model reruns. It wasn't long before it started to rain, making me grateful for having coffee in my hands now.

"Hey, I'm going to go shower then out for dinner." Sava suddenly said.

"With who?" I felt my brows furrow.

"Guys from work, Peter got promoted." She explained as she walked to her room. Peter is one of our mutual friends, and a gay one at that.

"Oh. Tell him I said congrats." I smiled and went back to watching TV.

"What should I wear?" She shouted from the bathroom.

"Where are you eating?" I asked back, walking to her room.

"I think somewhere in Brooklyn."

"Well shit. You might want to go for something a bit classy then." I rummaged her closet for something that might fit the occasion. She soon came in to help me.

"This should do it." I pulled out a nude colored dress and heels to match it. She immediately searched her box of accessories, pulling out a pendant necklace and simple gold earrings. I nodded in approval, ushering her to sit so I can get started on her hair and makeup.

"Thank you!" She hugged me tight and I laughed as I hugged her back.

"Now go, don't wanna be late for dinner." I rushed her out, hearing her laugh as she went to the elevator. I settled down back to the couch, changing the channel to a movie then going to the kitchen, making myself a sandwich. In the middle of making sandwich, the buzzer went off indicating that I have a guest.

"Coming!" I wiped my hands and rushed to get the door, unlocking and sliding the bolt open. My heartbeat seems to stop and my legs turned to jelly when I get a look on who is standing behind the door.

"Brianne." He breathed out.

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